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THE churros vans have gone, the brass bands have packed up, the streets are quiet and not a trace is left of the monuments which last week stood at every crossroads. Fallas is over and parents, children, students, all seem to be overcome with a tiredness they just can't seem to shake off. In our house the princess shoes have been out back in their box, the hair wrapped in tissue paper and the 'dresses' hung up till next year. And after the relative success of my first 'traje fallera' I'm... + read more
IF the Scottish vote in favour of independence this week, what will become of the Union Flag? Will the blue of the St Andrew’s cross be taken away? Will it become just red and white? Will the Welsh dragon appear in one corner? What would we wave when cheering Eurovision or supporting Team GB? Or is there some way we will be able to preserve the iconic, world-famous design which has been around for some 400 years? 
We had a lovely time in the UK this summer avoiding the heat, and a relaxed journey back across France. But in amongst the jars of Branston Pickle and bottles of Shepherd Neame ales, we also brought with us a dose of chickenpox. When I was growing up in Britain the majority of us had the illness at some point and my parents have told me that they were keen for us to catch it so we would be immune. I’ve even heard talk of ‘chickenpox parties’, although this does seem a bit... + read more
VISITING the peaceful, picturesque Pyrenean village of Laspaúles, it’s hard to imagine that in 1593 it was a scene of fear, terror and suspicion, culminating in the hanging of 22 young women for witchcraft. High up in the Spanish Pyrenees, today Laspaúles is a sleepy village with a handful of bars, a campsite and the occasional mountain dog taking itself for a stroll. The perfect spot for a quiet weekend away, as we did this year in June. But turn the clock back 400 or... + read more
I haven’t blogged anything for quite some time as I returned to studying last year. I never imagined going back to university, but in the search for a teaching job which fits in with having a family, I decided to do the Master de profesorado en educación secundaria, the Spanish equivalent of the secondary PGCE. The idea was that I could then get a regular job during the day. This hasn’t happened yet, although perhaps if I lived in a bigger city I’d have a... + read more


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