Praise for Miriam 'Clegg'

I was really pleased to hear that Miriam González, Spanish wife of deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has come out in support of Spanish journalist Sara Carbonero.

The high-flying lawyer has written to The Times newspaper demanding that they print an apology following their criticism of the Spanish team’s goalie during the World Cup.

Carbonero is a sports journalist for the Spanish TV channel Telecinco and also girlfriend of the national team’s goalkeeper. The Times had blamed her presence on the sidelines for Spain losing their opening match against Switzerland. The result of the paper’s treatment catapulted the relationship of the couple to the centre of the world’s press.  

In her letter Ms González wrote that she was fed up with wives and girlfriends being treated as appendages of their partners and not being seen for who they are; professional women in their own right. She wrote that following Spain’s triumph at the World Cup it was clear that Casillas is an excellent goalkeeper whether his girlfriend is on the sidelines or not and that it was time the newspaper ate some humble pie.

The editor of The Times, James Harding, replied that the paper was not a great fan of humble pie but that if Ms González, Sara Carbonero or Iker Casillas were passing by their offices he would be pleased to offer them a slice of tortilla.


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