Switching to real nappies

nappies on a line

Having debated with myself for months about whether to change to real nappies I have begun investigating in more detail. And what a minefield it is!

For the new baby, which is due in a couple of weeks, there seem to be an infinite number of types and brands of nappy. Then there are the waterproof ‘wraps’, different shapes like pre-folded, triangle, and the liners, ‘nappy nippers’ to hold them together or you can opt for Velcro or poppers, ….this is all getting a bit complicated, not to mention confusing.

Then, after all this I discover  there’s the all-in-one nappy which has the benefit of being most like a disposable but on the downside takes longer to dry. (Shouldn’t be a problem living in one of the driest parts of Spain!) This is also sounding like a good option for a husband who let’s just say isn’t quite 100% convinced by the benefits of real nappies.

Come to mention it, nor is anyone else know! They probably all think it’s another hair-brained idea of that bonkers English girl.

real nappies

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published 1 year 4 months ago

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