Lock up your husbands it's Santa Águeda

Santa Águeda Nice Buns

Tonight I’m going out! It’s the first time since the baby was born three and a half months ago, and what better night to choose than Santa Águeda.
Technically Saint Agatha is tomorrow (5thFebruary) but it is often celebrated the night before.
Traditionally hoards of partying women hit the bars and clubs on a massive girls’ night out and on this one night of the year, the ladies have the right to relieve any unsuspecting men of their shirt. (And anything else that takes their fancy!)
This annual party, celebrated throughout Spain, is in honour of the early Christian martyr, Santa Águeda (or Saint Agatha) who was cruelly tortured and eventually put to death, but not before both her breasts were brutally cut off.
Somewhere along the annals of history Santa Águeda’s stoic Christian beliefs and high moral values of virginity and chastity have been replaced by a more hedonistic attitude, but she still represents strong women. And as a final honour to her sacrifice, desserts served on the night of the 5thFebruary are two round cakes with cherries on top.
Should be fun!

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Santa Águeda

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published 2 months 3 weeks ago

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