Diary of Spain in Lockdown - Let's go for a little walk......

Tuesday 21st April

Under 14s are to be allowed out of their homes after being confined for six weeks.

This Sunday (26th April) the government plans to allow children to go out although we have not been told the exact details yet.

The initial suggestion, clearly by someone who knows nothing about children, was to allow them to go to the bank, supermarket or pharmacy, accompanying a parent. Yes, obeying said parent at every turn, touching nothing and taking care not to put their hands anywhere near their nose, eyes or mouth. It'll be interesting to see how that is going to work…….

There was such an outcry from pretty much anybody who has half an idea about child-rearing and the government was persuaded that after 42 days in lockdown, perhaps a trip to Mercadona wouldn’t quite cut the mustard. What little children need is to go out and kick around a football, ride a bike, play tag, play with a skipping rope. Some ‘daily exercise’ like children in the UK seem to be doing.

The government, as they have done on so many occasions during the coronavirus crisis, quickly backtracked and said children could go out ’for a walk’. That makes more sense, but surely the wording should be ‘ONLY for a walk’?

We wait with bated breath and our coats half on, to see what the final version of the new rules looks like.

Spain coronavirus lockdown children walk

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published 1 year 6 months ago

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