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Tonight I’m going out! It’s the first time since the baby was born three and a half months ago, and what better night to choose than Santa Águeda. Technically Saint Agatha is tomorrow (5thFebruary) but it is often celebrated the night before. Traditionally hoards of partying women hit the bars and clubs on a massive girls’ night out and on this one night of the year, the ladies have the right to relieve any unsuspecting men of their shirt. (And anything else that... + read more
As readers of my blog will know I’m not a huge football fan, but I am a European so I was delighted to hear that a UK pub landlady could be about to win a match against Sky Sports and the Premier League.  The case brought by Karen Murphy, landlady of The red, white and blue pub in Portsmouth, could make changes to the way Premiership games are shown, if the European Court of Justice rules in her favour. Ms Murphy refused to pay the £480 per month subscription which Sky charge... + read more
Christmas has been celebrated, the Three Kings have come and gone, presents have been opened and now the children are back at school, leaving me to enjoy my maternity leave with my new baby.   All three weeks of it. Hang on a minute, I have a baby who is three months old today, who still wakes in the night, every night, to feed and in just 21 days she and I are supposedly ready to be separated so that I can go back to work? In Spain 16 weeks or 112 days is considered sufficient time to... + read more
I’ve never been a great one for being tidy and organised but have always appreciated tidy houses and the calm that they exude. But recently I have been overcome by the nesting instinct and it’s great! In my previous two pregnancies I was patiently waiting for it, hoping it would solve all my tidiness problems, but it sadly passed me by on both occasions. Perhaps overshadowed by the fact that I moved to Spain just before my first daughter was born and then moved house two weeks... + read more
Having debated with myself for months about whether to change to real nappies I have begun investigating in more detail. And what a minefield it is! For the new baby, which is due in a couple of weeks, there seem to be an infinite number of types and brands of nappy. Then there are the waterproof ‘wraps’, different shapes like pre-folded, triangle, and the liners, ‘nappy nippers’ to hold them together or you can opt for Velcro or poppers, ….this is all getting a... + read more


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