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The shadows are getting longer, autumn hangs in the air and you know that before long every weekend for at least a couple of hours you’ll become a football widow again. You know that your normally kind, mild-mannered other half will once again undergo a weekly Jekyll and Hyde style transformation into a football supporting monster.  If, like me, you dread the end of summer when the league games, cup fixtures and if you’re really lucky, Champions’ League matches all... + read more
It’s finally happened. The event I’ve been dreading since I had my daughters……the unwanted head visitors, nits! Fortunately, so far only one has been infested. But how could I have missed it? What a terrible mother I must be! Though now I think back to the middle of last week, yes, she did scratch her head, on the crown, but that was exactly where she’d fallen backwards and hit her head, and we all know nits prefer behind the ears and the back of the neck, so I... + read more
There are some things about living in Spain which I’ve grown accustomed to and others which I will never get used to. And one of those is dog poo. We live in a new development in a village and just behind our house is a lovely park, perfect for my daughters to play and run around in. However, I’m loathed to let them loose as it’s full of dog mess. The other mothers I’ve spoken to have always agreed how disgusting it is and those with dogs are always equally outraged and... + read more
We finally finished our new playroom at the weekend and I am still in shock at what a difference it has made to the whole house and its inhabitants. Almost two years since we began closing off part of an upstairs terrace it was finished in just a weekend.  Once the men came and laid the floor the change was instant, then Juan set about putting up the storage units while the girls and I began sorting the toys. I collected toys from all over the house; from cupboards, from the sitting room... + read more
We’re now back in Spain after spending the ‘summer’ in the UK. This year we chose to drive through France over a couple of days rather than taking the longer ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth. This was for two reasons; firstly our voyage back last summer had been so horrendous thanks to a storm in the Bay of Biscay which left the four of us vomiting and realising we weren’t cut out for long sea journeys, and secondly because I am now too heavily pregnant for any other... + read more


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