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SPAIN is now fifth in the world for coronavirus cases and everything here seems to be following the same catastrophic path as Italy. All week there have been stories coming out of Madrid of the health system collapsing. There simply aren’t enough beds and resources for those who are seriously ill. We’ve been encouraged to stay at home, but with a population which mainly lives in apartments and where many city dwellers have second residences at the coast, it’s proving... + read more
SAHAWARI refugee children were given five star treatment when they visited Mestalla and watched the home side play against Italian team Inter.
IT was great to be in London for the anti-Brexit march. Well done to everyone who took part! Here's my report of the day when I caught up with some expats from Valencia in Green Park. Costa Levante News.
Forty-four years ago, as General Franco lay on his deathbed, the leaders of Morocco and Mauritania decided it was a good time to invade their neighbour, the Spanish territory of Western Sahara. Some of the Saharawi people stayed to defend their homeland, but many, mainly women, children and the elderly, fled east to Algeria where they were given safe haven in La Hamada, an extremely inhospitable part of the Sahara desert. That was 1975. Today, in 2019, those who fled to safety 44 years ago... + read more


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