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I’ve never been a great one for being tidy and organised but have always appreciated tidy houses and the calm that they exude. But recently I have been overcome by the nesting instinct and it’s great! In my previous two pregnancies I was patiently waiting for it, hoping it would solve all my tidiness problems, but it sadly passed me by on both occasions. Perhaps overshadowed by the fact that I moved to Spain just before my first daughter was born and then moved house two weeks... + read more
Having debated with myself for months about whether to change to real nappies I have begun investigating in more detail. And what a minefield it is! For the new baby, which is due in a couple of weeks, there seem to be an infinite number of types and brands of nappy. Then there are the waterproof ‘wraps’, different shapes like pre-folded, triangle, and the liners, ‘nappy nippers’ to hold them together or you can opt for Velcro or poppers, ….this is all getting a... + read more
The shadows are getting longer, autumn hangs in the air and you know that before long every weekend for at least a couple of hours you’ll become a football widow again. You know that your normally kind, mild-mannered other half will once again undergo a weekly Jekyll and Hyde style transformation into a football supporting monster.  If, like me, you dread the end of summer when the league games, cup fixtures and if you’re really lucky, Champions’ League matches all... + read more
It’s finally happened. The event I’ve been dreading since I had my daughters……the unwanted head visitors, nits! Fortunately, so far only one has been infested. But how could I have missed it? What a terrible mother I must be! Though now I think back to the middle of last week, yes, she did scratch her head, on the crown, but that was exactly where she’d fallen backwards and hit her head, and we all know nits prefer behind the ears and the back of the neck, so I... + read more
I was really pleased to hear that Miriam González, Spanish wife of deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has come out in support of Spanish journalist Sara Carbonero. The high-flying lawyer has written to The Times newspaper demanding that they print an apology following their criticism of the Spanish team’s goalie during the World Cup. Carbonero is a sports journalist for the Spanish TV channel Telecinco and also girlfriend of the national team’s goalkeeper. The Times had... + read more


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