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LA FALLERA BEING a fallera is more than just putting on a posh frock and it’s certainly not to be referred to as ‘fancy dress’. The cost of the dress alone is enough to make one weep, then there are all the extras; the hair, the jewels, the underwear, not to mention the annual fee paid to be a member of one of Valencia’s 355 Fallas (a sort of cliquey club or association). Each Falla has a fallera mayor, if you like the Miss of their group. This is quite an honour... + read more
WARS have been fought for it, in the third world families walk miles everyday for it, we cannot survive without it. It is that most vital substance for life, water. As the world faces an ever-increasing demand for an ever-decreasing supply, Zaragoza has chosen water as the theme when it hosts the next International Exhibition in 2008. The subject is quite an appropriate one for a city in the second driest part of Spain, where the newspapers are filled daily with reports of the sequía (... + read more
FOR TWO weeks in January competitors from around the world bring their huskies, malamutes and alaskas to the Pyrenees to take part in Pirena. The contest, started in 1991 by Pep Parés, takes the dogs and their owners through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Pyrenees of Aragón, Catalonia, Andorra and France, on ‘La Ruta Blanca del Pirineo’ which is Pirena. At night the howl of the dogs beneath the stars, around the bonfires harks back to the beginning of... + read more
 DUST off your Marie Antoinette wig, slip into those platform shoes and grab your feather boa – it’s carnival time. Forget Rio or Venice, when it comes to carnival, Spain certainly knows how to put on a party and the top spot for parades is the small Catalan town of Sitges just 35 km south of Barcelona. Acknowledged by both the straight and gay press as Spain’s wildest party there’s enough ‘llum’ (light), colour, rhythm and fantasy to see you through... + read more
ZARAGOZA, a city of four cultures, offers everything a visitor would expect from a big city, but with the feel and friendliness of a village. Although steeped in history Zaragoza is every bit a modern, forward-looking city with ambitious plans for the future, at the heart of which is its bid for Expo 2008. The plans include redevelopment of land north of the Ebro, the wide river along which the city is built, as well as a new railway station, bridges across the river and a dam to maintain the... + read more


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