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A couple of winters ago we enclosed part of an upstairs terrace to make a playroom. After an ongoing saga of leaking roofs , badly-installed air-conditioning units and an unlevelled floor, I may finally be able to exile all the toys upstairs and reclaim the living room.  But will it be the answer to my prayers? Or will it just be a dumping ground for my daughters’ junk?  When we decided to enclose the terrace it seemed so simple, the perfect solution to our toy invasion... + read more
The Costa Brava is one of the most unspoilt of Spain’s Costas thanks to its rugged nature which rather inhibits building blocks of hotels. With so many little coves and bays hidden away there is always somewhere to explore. The climate of the Costa Brava in summer is less oppressive than other parts of the peninsular and in winter the sun still shines to cheer away those winter blues. This is my favourite part of Spain. The beaches are great for families and although the region doesn... + read more
This Friday school finishes for the summer which means more time at home and more hours to fill. So what to do with the children during these extra hours? The temptation is to hide indoors from the sun and let them watch more television. But the little voice inside my head will be whispering ‘Bad mother! Why do you have children if it’s just to sit them in front of the goggle box for hours on end?’ Another option is for them to have a siesta, but my daughters grew out of... + read more
Tomorrow I have the 20-week scan when, apart from checking the overall health of my baby, I can also find out if I'm expecting a boy or a girl.  With both my daughters I opted not to know the sex and had two lovely surprises. I think it certainly made the birth more exciting. Rather like opening a surprise Christmas present instead of something you’ve asked for. I didn't actually feel tempted to find out on either occasion and having recently arrived in Spain from the UK,... + read more
As I grow bigger and my due date gets ever closer, I’ve started considering the different birth options available to me. How do I want to dar a luz (literally to give the light, a lovely Spanish expression to describe bringing a baby into the world.)   Where I live, in Huesca, there are basically two choices, epidural or no epidural. Our hospital doesn’t have a birthing pool , gas and air doesn’t seem to be widely used in Spain, and, with the exception of a few brave... + read more


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