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VISITING the peaceful, picturesque Pyrenean village of Laspaúles, it’s hard to imagine that in 1593 it was a scene of fear, terror and suspicion, culminating in the hanging of 22 young women for witchcraft. High up in the Spanish Pyrenees, today Laspaúles is a sleepy village with a handful of bars, a campsite and the occasional mountain dog taking itself for a stroll. The perfect spot for a quiet weekend away, as we did this year in June. But turn the clock back 400 or... + read more
I haven’t blogged anything for quite some time as I returned to studying last year. I never imagined going back to university, but in the search for a teaching job which fits in with having a family, I decided to do the Master de profesorado en educación secundaria, the Spanish equivalent of the secondary PGCE. The idea was that I could then get a regular job during the day. This hasn’t happened yet, although perhaps if I lived in a bigger city I’d have a... + read more
In a modern Western democracy how can a huge number of honest, tax-paying individuals find themselves outside the voting process, disenfranchised and voiceless? This is the situation facing thousands of British expats living in Spain right now who fall foul of the gap between UK and Spanish legislation. Elizabeth is an English teacher from Kent who moved to Catalunya seven years ago. Since she came to Spain she has maintained her postal vote in the UK, but in eight years that will expire and... + read more
One of my favourite classes at school was Home Economics; I loved learning about food groups, nutrition and kitchen hygiene. It really has proven to be one of the most useful subjects I studied during my school years. OK, so if I need to know how to divide the remaining slices of chocolate cake between my daughters and their friends or to work out the cooking time of a roast chicken, then Maths comes in handy, and likewise if I want to pretend to be all arty and well-read, throwing in a quick... + read more
‘You can’t help me with my homework Mummy, you don’t know Spanish!’ And with these words my eldest daughter threw down the gauntlet challenging me to do something to improve my Spanish.  The six-going-on-13-year-old now has homework every weekend which, after some cajoling, she sits down and does beside her father. But when I tried to persuade her to do some before Sunday evening, so we could forget about it and enjoy the weekend, this was the response I got. As... + read more


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