Signs that Spring is here

It's been a strange year for weather so far. One of the driest winters on record and then not particularly hot in April. But all of a sudden Spring is here, temperatures have shot up, the cockroaches are back with a vengeance, not only in my basement it seems as Mercadona have sold out of traps. The nisperos that were large and green until last week have suddenly turned that beatiful amber colour and walking around the 'urbanization' we here the splash and squeals of neighbours enjoying their swimming pools.

So now it's time to dig out the jam recipes before the whole crop of nisperos is lost and get on with the biannual 'change of wardrobes'. After living in Spain for 15 years this is something which still makes me chuckle; back in England it was nothing more than a slight shifting around of slightly warmer clothes to the back of the wardrobe and slightly less warm clothes to the front.

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published 3 years 4 months ago

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