Diary of Spain in Lockdown - Fined for using their roof terrace

Thursday 26th March

WHILE February was notable for its lack of rain and high temperatures, March will be remembered for its unseasonably cold weather and downpours, conditions some say are ideal for coronavirus. But today the sun finally came out, even if there was an icy wind.

However, the nicer weather makes little difference for the millions of Spaniards holed up in apartments because, unlike the UK, in Spain we can’t go out to do exercise once a day. Here we can only go out to walk if we have a dog. The Guardia Civil have already prosecuted some unscrupulous people for ‘renting out’ dogs to those desperate to escape confinement and stretch their legs.

And for those who think going up to the roof terrace is the answer, think again. A friend of my cousin-in-law has been fined 1,500 euros for spending time on the roof terrace of her apartment block!!!

Nobody knows exactly how the police found out. Was it a disgruntled neighbour, a drone flying overhead or the police helicopter patrolling the city from the skies? But what is certain is that the police went up onto the terrace to hand out the fine.

As the roof terrace is a great place for drying washing we may see a surge in white sheets fluttering over the city’s rooftops in the coming weeks and family members fighting over who’s turn it is to peg it out.


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