Diary of Spain in Lockdown - tighter controls brought in

Sunday 29th March – newer tighter controls

After the hectic week of learning about online schooling I’ve tried to disconnect from everything school-related this weekend, although we can’t escape from the news and the number of deaths keeps soaring, with a new record being set each day. On Saturday the total was 832 and on Sunday another 838 lost their lives.

From Sunday night a new law comes in bringing more restrictions on movement, so there will be more police controls stopping cars, checking why pedestrians are aout Anyone with a non-essential job must now stay at home. Newspapers are considered essential, so newsagents and printers can keep working, but as Juan’s newspaper is online, they’re now shutting the office and everybody is working from home. Until now they had kept two people in the office.

The weekend has been fairly productive, Juan has cut down a wall of leylandii, dug a new vegetable patch in the space gained and already planted it with tomatoes.

As for me I managed to do washing and clean the entire house. Surprisingly, casual clothes seem to create far more dirty washing than school uniform.  I’ll admit I did lose my rag by Sunday night as none of my daughters helped at all this weekend, although I think my rant at them isn’t particularly confinement-related. I’d quite likely get cross with them under normal circumstances.

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published 3 years 11 months ago

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