Diary of Spain in Lockdown - Our Version of the Olympics

Come on the Yellows!

Sunday 5th April – our very own Olympics           

What better way to get the children off their devices and burning up those calories than with some good healthy competition? And so, the Alfonso Dolan 2020 Olympics were born.

It all came about after Sofía complained that she couldn’t sleep well because she wasn’t doing anything all day, wasn’t walking to school, doing PE or going swimming. So, I asked myself, What would Grandad do? He’d organize an obstacle course, a dinosaur hunt or a race round the garden. But for one, Grandad is in quarantine in England with Granny, and for two, given the continual rain we’ve been having, going outside wasn’t an option. I came up with running up and down the stairs several times. Not quite as imaginative as Grandad. But then María suggested doing things with beanbags and gymnastics balls, and before we knew it, we had a whole Olympic programme of events. Too many too get through in one weekend, as it turned out. Now I understand the constant pressures the Olympic Committee must be under to include all manner of sports.

Although there were in fact some last minute changes to our events on the day, for instance the hula-hoop competition had to be scrapped when it became clear only one contestant in the entire household was able to use a hula-hoop and as such would have had a slightly unfair advantage.

Today’s main events were trampoline run (four girls chaotically running around the inside of the trampoline, last one standing wins – not recommended as the trampoline looked like it would fall over or give way completely on several occasions), skipping, hoopla (how can this game be for under-fives?? We really are hopeless!), croquet (thank heavens for Lidl and their strange garden games, although I think Tiger Woods would have a thing or two to say about the quality of the lawn ), beanbag throwing (two team members throw the beanbag or other object to each other, moving a step back each time).

Not wanting to leave the dogs out, they also had three events: a race across the terrace from one team member to another, sitting still for five seconds and racing round the outside of the house with a member of their team. Needless to say, the three events were total chaos with six people shouting commands at two confused dogs and the whole thing ended in a draw

The aim of our ‘Olympics’ was to tire the girls out, get them off their devices and have a bit of fun, which we did. Fortunately, the aim wasn’t to demonstrate our superb sporting ability.

 So far, the yellow team have the lead (just as well as they’re far more competitive and some of their team members hate losing) but with any luck the remaining events will be staged next weekend and we’ll find out who the winners are.

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The Blue team
Even the dogs took part
Don't forget to warm up
And to cool off afterwards


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Come on Blues!!!!

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