Diary of Spain in Lockdown - Lazy, rainy day

Tuesday 14th April

After several warm, sunny days where we’ve been able to enjoy the garden, the rain has come back with a vengeance, forcing us indoors and, I hate to say it, watching a bit too much telly in some cases.

I was very slow today, well I am still on holiday this week, in theory. There’s nothing I love more than waking up, not too late, and lying in bed reading. Preferably with a cup of tea (which I was lucky enough to have brought to me this morning). There’s just something so luxurious and decadent about it.

I’m also a very slow reader and need all the hours I can find, especially if I want to keep to the challenge I set myself of reading a book a month. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do as my current novel, The Snow Child, should have been finished in March. When I finish it, I’ll need to find something very short to keep on track. Does a Shakespeare play count, I wonder? Surely, I could whizz through one of those fairly quickly. Obviously one I’ve not studied at school or seen on stage. Yep, that still leaves plenty to choose from.

The last book I read was Dear Mrs Bird a delightful little book set in London during the Second World War, about a young woman who gets a job at a stuffy old women’s magazine. Her job is to sort the letters to the problem page and throw out any ‘inappropriate’ ones, which is most of them according to her editor’s criteria. But of course she can’t ignore some of the women asking for advice and she tries to help them.

Before that, and quite by chance I read The Last Hours, about a small community which isolates itself during the Black Death. Isolation and hygiene were what saved these people. Sounds familiar?

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