Diary of Spain in Lockdown - shocking statistics

Saturday 18th April

More than 20,000 people have now died in Spain since the coronavirus outbreak began. That’s like 40 plane crashes with no survivors. Just one plane crash would normally shock us to the bone and be the headline news for weeks. Yet we are becoming grimly accustomed to the ever-increasing numbers. Although, on a positive note the general trend seems to be decreasing. There is talk of extending the state of alarm for two more weeks, until 8th May, but somehow allowing children to go out. With conditions, of course.

For people living in apartments this must be very welcome news, being all cooped up together is surely going to test even the most patient individuals. I was interested to hear that in the UK people are allowed to go to a friend’s house to ‘cool off’ if they’ve had a row at home. “To be measured in days rather than hours”, it was reported. But the difference between here and the UK is the daily exercise, at least British people can go out for a walk about, albeit close to their home and for a limited time. A quick walk round the block can do wonders for calming down after a barnie.

For those with mental health issues, I can’t even imagine how they must be affected by this situation, especially in Spanish cities where they can’t leave the four walls of their flat.

As for us, in our coronavirus bubble, here in l’Eliana, lockdown doesn’t make so much difference to our lives. We are lucky enough to have a garden to run around in, as well as two dogs, which equal two great excuses for going out. We are counting our blessings and feeling grateful.


Spain coronavirus lockdown

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published 3 years 6 months ago

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