Diary of Spain in Lockdown - Spring Vegetable Soup

Spring Vegetable Soup

Wednesday 22nd April - a recipe for child repellent

 “Mummy I’ve got a mouth ulcer!”

“Well, eat your kiwi. Kiwis are really good for mouth ulcers.”

“It hurts!!”

“Then eat is on the other side.”

A few hours later….”Mummy, I’ve got another mouth ulcer. On the other side.”

There’s not much Mummy can say to that. Eat at the back? In the middle? At the front?

So when it came to thinking about what to make for dinner I decided we all needed more vegetables, but both the children and I are fed up with the usual vegetable purées I make. I googled my main ingredients: carrots, leeks, courgettes…..et voilà! Spring vegetable soup. It looked delicious, an array of brightly-coloured, slightly crunchy vegetables in a clear broth.

I spent the best part of an hour, finely slicing, rinsing, sweating and boiling the vegetables and at the end was very pleased with the result. It looked just like the picture

Unfortunately, my mini diners came into the kitchen, one by one, looked at the soup and promptly left.

It should be renamed Child repellent.

I give up, I’ll just chuck it all into the blender and serve it up as orange soup in a couple of days. They’ll complain but they’ll eat it.

Tomorrow we have agreed to make pizzas. They’re all enthusiastic but I’ve never made pizza before, nor bread, nor dough. I found some fresh yeast lurking at the back of the freezer from when we had an Italian au-pair staying with us. According to her it was fine to freeze it.

So with my lack of pizza skills and the dodgy yeast, I’m not optimistic.

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published 3 years 11 months ago

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