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Monday 27th April On the rare occasions we manage to all sit down together in front of the telly, it’s usually to watch a cartoon or something on Disney Channel. Saturday was a prime example; Frozen II with popcorn, no mobiles and the lights off. So, I was delighted yesterday evening when I managed to get my four girls to join me to watch The Great British Sewing Bee. Admittedly the five-year-old spent the entire time playing with the tablet, but at least she was quiet and let us... + read more
Sunday 26th April After zooming with friends in Valencia yesterday and seeing all the photos shared on social media today, I realise just how lucky we are here in our l’Eliana bubble. Our experience of the lockdown has been vastly different from that of Juan’s friends and family living in the city. Anybody moving about the Valencia by car needs to carry papers and ID proving where they are going to and from, as they can get stopped at the many checkpoints. The residents... + read more
Thursday 23rd April Following yesterday’s catastrophic Spring Vegetable Soup I promised the girls we would make pizzas. No, we wouldn’t unwrap one from its packaging and bung it in the oven for 10 minutes, nor would we use ready made pizza bases. We’re talking the whole sha-bang. We began with flour, water, salt, oil and the frozen ‘fresh’ yeast with a dubious best before date. I’d never made bread or pizza dough before. Earlier this month I had fancied... + read more
Wednesday 22nd April - a recipe for child repellent  “Mummy I’ve got a mouth ulcer!” “Well, eat your kiwi. Kiwis are really good for mouth ulcers.” “It hurts!!” “Then eat is on the other side.” A few hours later….”Mummy, I’ve got another mouth ulcer. On the other side.” There’s not much Mummy can say to that. Eat at the back? In the middle? At the front? So when it came to thinking... + read more
Tuesday 21st April Under 14s are to be allowed out of their homes after being confined for six weeks. This Sunday (26th April) the government plans to allow children to go out although we have not been told the exact details yet. The initial suggestion, clearly by someone who knows nothing about children, was to allow them to go to the bank, supermarket or pharmacy, accompanying a parent. Yes, obeying said parent at every turn, touching nothing and taking care not to put their hands... + read more


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