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Monday 13th April  Easter Monday Back in February we fumigated our basement as it seemed to be housing some unwanted visitors of the fast-moving, six-legged kind. Everything in it now needs to be properly cleaned and checked for corpses. So, for the past four days we have emptied, cleaned, sorted and put away fifteen years’ worth of toys. Well, not so much of the putting away yet, my living room still looks like the toy section of a department store.  It’s been... + read more
Sunday 12th April (Easter Sunday) After nearly five years of badgering my husband to light a barbcue in our backgarden, where we have a paellero, so it’s ideal, we finally had one today. And not too much was left over so I’d say that was a success. We also had the usual visit from the Easter Bunny, although we missed their 14 cousins who usually join us for the Big Easter Egg Hunt. We wondered if the Easter Bunny might have been a bit busy, as the New Zealand president... + read more
Friday 10th April (Good Friday) While the UK has suffered nearly 1,000 deaths from this horrible disease in the past 24 hours, there are some moments of joy. My friend and colleague Inma had her baby boy today, by caesarean section, and I’m so pleased both she and baby Javier are safe. All being well they’ll be home within 48 hours, everything going faster than it would under normal circumstances.
Thursday 9th April – Easter Holidays, let the fun begin!            Free from the constant onslaught of work sent electronically by teachers, free from online classes I have to give, we now have a week and a half at home to please ourselves…….erm, in which parallel universe? Despite the Ministry of Education advising teachers not to pile on the workload over Easter and let students have a proper rest, some schools seem to have gone... + read more
Wednesday 8th April – Valencian son barred from his own father’s funeral. What kind of a world are we living in? I read a heart-breaking story today of a Valencian lawyer unable to attend his own father’s burial because of strict new rules brought in to stop large crowds at funerals. Aware of the need for social distancing, no siblings, nephews, nieces or even sons or daughters-in-law of the deceased, had come to the cemetery, just the dead man’s wife and their... + read more


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