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Sunday 29th March – newer tighter controls After the hectic week of learning about online schooling I’ve tried to disconnect from everything school-related this weekend, although we can’t escape from the news and the number of deaths keeps soaring, with a new record being set each day. On Saturday the total was 832 and on Sunday another 838 lost their lives. From Sunday night a new law comes in bringing more restrictions on movement, so there will be more police... + read more
Friday 27 March - Boris Johnson tests positive The British Prime Minister and the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, both have coronavirus. Perhaps now they’ll take the situation more seriously. Their blasé attitude towards the disease and their misjudged strategy of herd immunity seems to have lost the country precious time. The USA is another one to watch; just last week we saw videos of youngsters on Spring Break defiantly ignoring coronavirus warnings, and the president, who... + read more
Thursday 26th March WHILE February was notable for its lack of rain and high temperatures, March will be remembered for its unseasonably cold weather and downpours, conditions some say are ideal for coronavirus. But today the sun finally came out, even if there was an icy wind. However, the nicer weather makes little difference for the millions of Spaniards holed up in apartments because, unlike the UK, in Spain we can’t go out to do exercise once a day. Here we can only go out to... + read more
Wednesday 25th March SPAIN has overtaken China now in number of deaths.  We are second in the world after Italy. The health system isn’t coping, doctors are having to make choices about who to save and who to let die according to their life expectancy. We are seeing pictures of overcrowded hospitals, of Covid-19 patients lying on hospital floors. This is scary. This evening Juan told me that if his dad caught the illness he wouldn’t be taken to hospital, he wouldn’... + read more
Tuesday 24th March. Second day of virtual schooling and we’re starting to understand it a little more about what this involves. A lot more self-discipline and motivation is needed than for normal school, both by students and teachers, and even Sofía, who never complains about studying, says it's difficult. Laura, who has trouble staying focused at the best of times, had to be guided back to studying several times. Poor little María was starting to get stressed... + read more


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