There's plenty for everyone: 24-hour partying for the grown-ups and lots of spectacles and activities for the children
Spanish fiestas with children
Las Fallas is Valencia's biggest festival which takes place in March every year
Historic Spain
Spain is a country steeped in history with some fantastically preserved remains from Roman times, such as the Amphiteatre in Tarragona.
Mountainous Spain
Did you know that Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland?

Welcome to my personal experiences of being an English mum in Spain

Whats Been Going On!

Wednesday 1st April Today brings another record number of deaths in Spain with 864 people losing their lives in the past 24 hours. We’re becoming used to these figures now, but we have to stop and remember that each and every one is a person, a grandmother, a father, a husband. In general, this disease hits old people far harder than any other part of the population. On the news we... + read more
Monday 30th March -  Home schooling Week Two After the clocks went back at the weekend, getting up for our second week of home schooling came hard. The teachers are relentless and another load of ‘tareas’ fell into our inboxes. It seems that the teachers, and I’m one of them, are under pressure to send enough work to keep their students busy from the moment they wake up... + read more

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Tonight I’m going out! It’s the first time since the baby was born three and a half... + read more
The Costa Brava is one of the most unspoilt of Spain’s Costas thanks to its rugged nature... + read more
I’ve never been a great one for being tidy and organised but have always appreciated tidy... + read more
Wednesday 1st April Today brings another record number of deaths in Spain with 864 people losing... + read more


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