It’s finally happened. The event I’ve been dreading since I had my daughters……the unwanted head visitors, nits! Fortunately, so far only one has been infested.

But how could I have missed it? What a terrible mother I must be!

Though now I think back to the middle of last week, yes, she did scratch her head, on the crown, but that was exactly where she’d fallen backwards and hit her head, and we all know nits prefer behind the ears and the back of the neck, so I thought nothing more of it. I should’ve checked sooner and the little blighters wouldn’t have grown so big.

I know they’re only small and apart from biting and itching, they don’t cause any real harm, not like wasps or snakes, say. But there’s just something about the way they move so fast and the idea of something living in my daughter’s head. How dare they set up camp amongst her lovely hair?!

 ‘Luckily’ I discovered them on a Sunday morning when we had nothing special planned for the day. So after a flying visit to the pharmacy the rest of the day was spent applying lotion, shampooing, combing, squashing headlice or piojos, washing towels, sheets, vacuuming and airing. And then some more combing for good measure.

I don’t know who was most traumatised by the whole performance, the mother or the daughter, but I certainly know who was the most exhausted!

 I’m fortunate enough to have a ‘chica’ who comes for four hours on a Monday to help me clean and this week she certainly earnt her money as we dusted, vacuumed, sprayed and aired the house again! When my daughters came home for the afternoon I spent a good two hours in the garden checking their hair.

Sunday was all about removing the living bugs, now Monday was going through ‘with a fine-toothed comb’ and picking off any of the eggs, the nits or liendras. This certainly is a labour of love which needs lots of time,  patience and very good  eye-sight. Thank goodness for bright Spanish sunshine. 

Now I guess we just wait and pray that we’ve got them all and have a good look and a comb through each day. 

Any tips greatly received!


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published 9 months 2 weeks ago

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