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Monday 20th April I’VE caught the coronavirus spin-off bug of home improvement. Nearly five years after moving to Valencia we finally have curtains in our bedroom! Tonight when I get into bed I won’t have to screw my eyes up tightly so the streetlight outside doesn’t blind me. Of course, I could just close the shutters, this is Spain after all. For years I dithered, I ummed, I ahhed, I looked at different fabrics, I rummaged around markets, I searched online for that... + read more
Saturday 18th April More than 20,000 people have now died in Spain since the coronavirus outbreak began. That’s like 40 plane crashes with no survivors. Just one plane crash would normally shock us to the bone and be the headline news for weeks. Yet we are becoming grimly accustomed to the ever-increasing numbers. Although, on a positive note the general trend seems to be decreasing. There is talk of extending the state of alarm for two more weeks, until 8th May, but somehow allowing... + read more
Thursday 16th April Do some exercise each day they tell us. One WWII veteran did just that and raised nearly £20 million for the NHS. In amongst the gloomy news reports about numbers of deaths and crashing economies, the story of Captain Tom Moore, was a heart-warming one. Captain Moore wanted to do 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday and had hoped to raise £1,000. But his story seems to have touched people’s hearts and they have given generously. But... + read more
Tuesday 14th April After several warm, sunny days where we’ve been able to enjoy the garden, the rain has come back with a vengeance, forcing us indoors and, I hate to say it, watching a bit too much telly in some cases. I was very slow today, well I am still on holiday this week, in theory. There’s nothing I love more than waking up, not too late, and lying in bed reading. Preferably with a cup of tea (which I was lucky enough to have brought to me this morning). There’... + read more


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published 3 years 11 months ago

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