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I've always tried to recycle, not use bottled water, compost our vegetable waste, generally do my bit for the environment, even if here in Spain it's not the norm. But now, after 15 years of religiously separating plastic, paper and glass I'm beginning to see that even this is not enough. Not nearly enough. Apparently many of the plastics I put in the recycle bin can't even be recycled. So why bother? If this is the case, what can I do to help the planet? And is there really... + read more
A COLLEAGUE of mine is off on paternity leave. So, I thought the rest of us would just muddle through while he was off. But then I was introduced to his substitute. A substitute? But why, it's only a couple of weeks, surely we can manage? It turns out that after a new law that came into effect on 1st April this year, fathers can take two months' of paid paternityleave. And it's no April Fool's joke, in fact the time allocated to fathers is set to rise progressively over the the... + read more
DESPAIR about 'the youth of today' is nothing new. Even Socrates complained about their 'bad manners, contempt for authority, how they contradicted their parents and tyrannized their teachers'. This said however, throughout history children have been mistreated, scolded, beaten, or worse. This treatment is now, quite rightly, considered unacceptable in most civilzed societies. Although I can't help but wonder if perhaps the pendulum has finally swung too far. A... + read more
It's been a strange year for weather so far. One of the driest winters on record and then not particularly hot in April. But all of a sudden Spring is here, temperatures have shot up, the cockroaches are back with a vengeance, not only in my basement it seems as Mercadona have sold out of traps. The nisperos that were large and green until last week have suddenly turned that beatiful amber colour and walking around the 'urbanization' we here the splash and squeals of neighbours... + read more
After two years of Catequesis classes and several months of preparation, we finally celebrated María's communion last weekend. It was a lovely day and she didn't stop smiling from start to finish. I'm not a Catholic myself, I went to a Church of England school, but bringing my children up here in Spain, with a Spanish father, I think it best to follow the culture we are surrounded by and that of their family. When in Rome.... In the end all the hard work and stress paid... + read more


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